The Deche-Charge line-up as of 2014 is Chain Saw, Dan-Charge, Fred End, STDecalisse.
Frank Goshit also appears on the new LP.

Now for the full, long and boring story. Go get a beer and start reading...
Dan-Charge and Chain Saw met in late 1989 in high school and both were Napalm Death fans. After hearing Sore Throat, we thought about starting our own "grindcore" project, so we found a stupid band name and a guy named Ferlay (aka Doom) who had a bass then recorded our first horrible demo "Metal Deche Cores" (the title was influenced by the hardcore band MDC) in Dan's living room in august 1990. It had 61 trax and the drums consisted of a plastic frisbee and metal cauldrons... The tape was pure horrible unlistenable shit and sounded nothing like the future recordings we would eventually make. It had good entertainement value among our high school buddies at most...
Soon after we discovered bands like Meat Shits, Anal Cunt and 7 Minutes Of Nausea so the style shifted into short 1 second tracks. The second demo "Le Retour Des Deche-Cores" was recorded in july of 1991 in Doom's basement, this time with a drum machine. It had 271 trax and sounded noisier and much more intense. This was the tape that got our name around in the worldwide underground noisecore scene. Most people totally hated the tape and never wanted to deal with us again hehe...
In early 1992 we recorded our third demo, titled "T.P.S. (The Preps Suck)". This one was recorded with a 4 track mixer, and Doom played guitar instead of bass. It had 679 trax, all titles included in the tape. It sounded more brutal and we spread more copies around than the previous tape, and started to get well known around the underground noisecore scene as the first noise band from Canada.
In july 1992 we did the "Masturbation Genetique" demo #4, this time with 1992 trax, all with titles, but they were not included with the tape as we lost them. Doom returned to bass, and it sounded even crazier than the third demo. It was way over the top, strongly influenced by the Meat Shits "Regurgitated Semen" tape which had 1691 trax. The idea of endless trax really appealed to us greatly..! By the time of this demo we had reached what we could call the classic D-C sound consisting of loops of 2-3 trax per second.
By this point we got interest from a couple US tape labels to release some D-C stuff. In late december 1992 we recorded the fifth demo "Nazi Deche Cores Fuck Off" (title influenced by Napalm Death's cover version of "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" by the Dead Kennedys) with over 3000 trax, for the Stupidity Records label from NY. During the same session was also recorded the split 7" with The Earwigs released by Bung Records from Kentucky. Only 300 copies were pressed and it has now become our rarest and most sought out record.
So in 1993 we were getting more popular and became one of the main noisecore bands around the world. We started getting offers to do split tapes with many noisecore bands from all around the world. So we then recorded a split with Genital Masticator (Spain) for the Cadaverizer Records label, which was to be Doom's final appearance with the band.
Early 1994 we got Seb Grindionoise on guitar/bass, and recorded the split 7" with Anal Massaker (Germany) and the split tape with Extreme Hair Stench (Germany), a split tape with Morbid Shit featuring future D-C member Frank Goshit and the split 7" with Clitoris Trafficker (featuring D-C member Seb G.) for the Roththenness Records label (Brasil). Cadaverizer Records also released the tape "The Best Of D-C" featuring stuff from all the previous releases along with some exclusive stuff.
In 1994 the line-up became Dan-Charge, Chain Saw, Seb Grindionoise and Frank Goshit. We then recorded a split tape with Sonic Disorer (US) and the self titled 7" for Regurgitated Semen Records (Germany). 1000 copies of this EP were pressed, making it the most well known D-C release. In summer of 1994 also came the first ever D-C live gig, totally unplanned during a gig in Ste-Julie along with Think Shit (featuring Dan and Seb), Global Holocaust and Human Rats. A recording of this gig (featuring Dan-Charge, Seb and Frank) was released as a split tape with Mundo De Mierda (Ecuador). Also in 1994 we recorded various split tapes with Audicion Irritable, Anal Smegma (Canada), Oral Climax, Brain Damage (Sweden), Mange D'la Marde (Canada), a 4 way split tape with Sonic Disorder/Weird Vision (Canada)/Pocajontas (Spain), the "Tremblement De Noise" demo, the "Death Metal Fuck Off" 3 second demo (!!) + the stuff that appeared on the "Noise Against The Machine" compilation 7". Seb had by then decided he had enough of noisecore and quit D-C. By this time things started to get a bit out of hand because we were accepting every offers for split tapes with any band who would request it. The quality of the releases started to go downwards, recordings were made with cheap tape recorders while being totally drunk and everything was out of control.
In early 1995 we played a gig in Montreal at the "Noise Fest 1995", with other noisecore/industrial projects. Deche-Charge's name got really spread out in the Quebec City region, when we had an offer to play at the "Salon Noir 1" in Quebec City, which was a death metal festival, back when death metal was pretty much at the peak of it's popularity. This was for us an opportuniy to piss  the hell out of a whole lot of people and when we played our 10 minute set (the curtains closed in our faces during the set) we just made a complete mockery out of the death metal crowd and totally pissed everyone off by telling them to fuck off and that they were just a bunch of big headed posers. This gig really established the D-C reputation and either you totally hated us or thought we were awesome (well at least a couple people did hehe). A few weeks later we played another gig in Qc City doing pretty much the same thing, with people being totally offended and threw beer pitchers at us and basically stirring shit up. A bit later we got together in a rehearsal room to record something like 10 different split tapes all in one recording session during the same day. We had a totally cheap tape recorder, a lot of beer and just pressed the "record" button and went for it. Out of this came out such split tapes as with K.M.K. (Germany), T.B.H.(which has the worst possible recording probably ever done by any existing band...haha), Gestorte Nachbarn, Ungasungasutyrunga, Defecation Purulenta, T.S.M., A.V.S.M. among others. None of these tapes had any good quality about them and were just blurs of unitelligible noise, and most people thought D-C wasn't worth their time anymore. Frank Goshit also decided he had enough and things just pretty much stopped, as we had pretty much went way overboard and a break was indeed in order. But Dan took the time to make one last recording for a split 7" with Mizuko which was done and released in 1997 with the line-up consisting of Dan and new dude Fred. A couple other split tapes were released, but no new recordings have been done until a 1998 session with Chain Saw and Dan-charge for a split tape with Captain 3 Leg (US) which never saw the light of day due to Dan getting overbored by doing mail and basically stopped everything altogether. So the master tape just stood there for years untouched.
From 1998 through 2003 Deche-Charge was totally inactive with no new recordings, gigs or releases whatsoever. Then all of a sudden Frank Goshit created his own personal version of D-C by making new recordings all by himself along with an "official" website, all being phony as original members Dan-Charge and Chain Saw had absolutely nothing to do with this, even though our names were included in the website and releases. A bunch of releases have been done by the "fake" D-C, like the split tape with Space Grinder (which in reality the D-C side is actually a recording taken from a Moton De Morve recording session, which was a project with Dan and Frank), and re-releases of old demo tapes and a 7" discography released by Mortville Records (US), which included "new D-C material", which was of course just Frank. So this was happening during a few years before Frank just stopped everything and put the website and e-mail contact offline. So anyone who had any contacts with D-C during a period from around 2001 until 2004-2005 through those adresses, well it was all 100% Frank Goshit.
In 2003 D-C played a 2 minute long gig at the "Halloween Fest" in Qc City with Dan, Fred and Chain Saw. Dan didn't really wanna do any more D-C shows so Chain Saw got other dudes to play gigs along with Fred in Quebec and Trois-Rivieres in 2005/2006.
In 2005 the 1998 recording has finally been released as a split tape and split 7" (by Mortville Records) with Belgium's Permanent Death. The records created a new buzz so we got together again for a new official recording session in january 2006, the first one since 1998. This time with Jack on guitar and recording. In december 2007 Chain Saw, Dan and Fred got together for a gig in Quebec City.
More new recordings and releases were done in 2008 + 2009, with different line-ups. No official recordings have been done since 2009, but new releaseas are still awaiting, mostly with live recordings. In july of 2011 two impromptu live performances were done (one in Berlin, Germany and the other in Gent, Belgium), due to demands from audience members/bookers during the MESRINE tour of Europe (Dan and Fred's grindcore band