the fake deche-charge

Frank Goshit resurrected the D-C name in the early 2000's by making a bunch of new releases as well as re-releasing of some older stuff, and even doing fake releases. He simply fooled people to think that they were dealing with the real D-C guys and recorded his own stuff for the releases. Good one Frank!
Here is a list of the releases done by the fake D-C. The EP discography contained bonus trax recorded by the fake D-C. The T.P.S. demo 3 cdr as well as the D-C/Morbid Shit split cdr also contained official material, but were released as bootlegs without Dan or Chain Saw knowing anything about it.

Complete 7'' EP discography pro cdr 2002 (Mortville Records) mp3
Body Language Demo 2005 mp3
D-C/Space Grinder - split tape 2005 mp3
D-C/Doenca/Aubesetion - 3 way tape 2005 mp3
Another Dose Of Deche cdr 2005
D-C/Agathocles - fake split 7" (not a real release) mp3

various existing bootlegs:

T.P.S. demo #3 3'' cdr 2005
D-C/Morbid Shit - split cdr 2005 (bootleg re-release of the split tape from 1994)